kindergarten lessons

Kindergarten classes are offered in groups or in private at the Center Fusion Canine, for puppies from 2 to 4 months old.
Group kindergarten lessons socialize your puppy, initiate them to basic commands, and integrate good manners. These classes will positively kick start the relationship between you and your puppy. 

Classes also includes dog language theory, the importance of the crate, cleanliness, chewing, destruction and more. We prioritize personalized learning therefore, each lesson will follow the pace of your puppy’s learning. 
Private kindergarten allows you to work with your puppy in a separate environment at the puppy’s pace. Your puppy will learn most of the lessons as the in-group classes but within the comfort of their own environment. As always, positive reinforcement techniques are always used. 
Kindergarten classes include 5 lessons of 60 minutes and the first lesson is theoretical. 
Our team of experienced dog trainers can help you to answer all your questions about dog training. Dog training is our passion! So if your dog is anxious, pulls on his leash on walks, jumps on visitors, eats your furniture or poops everywhere, contact us, we can help you!